Monday, February 22, 2016

S01E02: Mad Max / Warlands

S01E02: Mad Max / Warlands

Season 1 Episode 2 of the Skill and Bones Radio Podcast is out!

Hosts Brad Lyons, Kevin Sekac and Loren Tinsley talk all things Mad Max and drive into Aberrant Games' Warlands with special guest Aaron "Sherbert" Miller.

Skill and Bones Radio is a once monthly podcast exploring games and geek culture, brought to you from the wet coast of beautiful Bellingham, Washington.  Join us as we talk nerdy to each other.

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Intro: El Phantasmo And The Chicken Run Blast-O-Rama  - White Zombie
Interstitial: Peter Gunn Theme - Henry Mancini
Interstitial: Jesus Built my Hotrod - Ministry
Closing: Fury Road - Insane Ian feat. Bonecage

Link: Warlands Cheat Sheet by Miles Adams

Video: Evolution of the Interceptor
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