Thursday, October 27, 2016

S01 E08 - Horror Halloween Special!

Skill and Bones Radio celebrates its first Halloween with an extended show! We sat with Psychologist Dr. James Graham to talk the history and hows of horror, interviewed JD Boucher and Taylor Smith of Space Goat Productions about their new Evil Dead 2 board game, and take a trip into the future of horror with the PSVR!

Welcome, all you Kickstarters.  We hope you enjoy the show!
Join us. Joiiiiiiiiiin usssssssss!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

S01 E07 - Cyberpunk: Akira, Deus Ex, and Infinity

We started down the path of talking Cyberpunk this month, a rich and exhausting topic we barely scratched the surface on.  Starting out with the godfather of cyberpunk anime, Akira, and diving deep into one of the newest video game entries, Deus Ex - Mankind Divided.  Finally, we chat about the state of one of our tabletop faves: Infinity.

Join us!
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